Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Do Birds Cry?

Ask a man without anyone who can be called his own what happiness is. Most probably,he'll say he would have been the happiest man if he had a family - his parents, wife, children. A man who spends his nights on the roads and sweats through his days to feed his family, would interpret happiness as being able to give his children and his wife a shelter,pride and regular meals to keep them alive.
This man who has a wife and children, a house big enough to keep them and with an extra space for their guests and enough money to afford dining out on birthdays and anniversaries of family members, is unhappy.
Why should it be so? Is happiness meant for saints and sages? Is happiness beyond reach for the common(in terms of thinking,that is)?Enough never seems to be enough.I wonder if there is anything that can satisfy a common man.I wonder if birds ever cry because they do not have enough sky to fly through!