Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Song

Counting every single breath,
Swinging between life and death,
She strived, a bit anxious and uncertain,
To get up and pull back the curtain
Of the window, she had been looking out of, for years,
The window that now brought her to tears
The time so short, the wait so long
She yearned to sing her life's last song
To the one who should have been standing tall
The one whom she wished to see most of all
The one who had stood by her throughout her life
Through every fest, through every strife,
And when he was nowhere to be seen,
She wondered where he could have been
For did he love her or did he not,
She needed to know in little time that she had got
The song of love, she wished to croon,
But either the wait, or life had to end too soon,
Silence was the only song she sang,
That broke when the doorbell rang
The flowers smelling sweet as ever,
The card that said 'love you,forever'
Had to be condensed to the farewell word
That echoed beneath the song, unheard.