Sunday, December 21, 2008

I want to be with you, forever

My heart is loyal to you
My soul is your disciple
I shall keep you safe within me, forever.

But the world is hungry for control.
They'll try to gain control over me.

My soul is immortal
My heart is strong
But my body...
My body, I fear, shall yield to the meaningless terms of the 'society'.

I don't know what they'll demand of me. I don't know if they'll ever understand.
I don't know if they'll think of us as ignorant to have loved or they'll not even believe that we 'love' each other.

Still, I keep hope that one day I, with my heart, soul and body, shall be in your embrace.
But I constantly fear that from the cocoon of my dreams, the reality that I want to see will never emerge.
This fear overpowers the relief of being in your comforting arms.
Every time you touch, I wish its not the last time.
Every time we talk, I want to stay quiet and let you speak so that I hear every word that exists in your voice. This might be the last time we talked and thereafter, every word that I read or hear or think, I want to think in your voice.
Every time you assure me that we'll always be together, I pray that you are always there to give me assurance.
Every moment we live together, I fear, could be the last moment spent with you.
Every happy moment makes me cry.
This fear haunts me, day and night.

Why Oh why did it have to be that we are within two bodies

Friday, December 12, 2008

Somewhere Hair!

Man with gray moustache: What do you want?

Me: I have come to take along Mr. Eggerson

Man with gray moustache calls out to the frail boy behind him."Send Mr.Eggerson. The lady needs him"

Man with gray moustache: (smiling) Would you like any other to accompany Mr.Eggerson?

Me: (hmmm....trying to send some spyies....i see) er...No, just him. Thankyou.

Just as I was about to leave with Mr.Eggerson, I heard the man with gray moustache say Thankyou.I smiled back at him but inside I feared something might be wrong. I took Mr.Eggerson home, anyways.

Mom was shocked to see Mr.Eggerson. I could see it on her face.I quickly took him to the living room.I went over to my mom.

Me: Whats the matter mom?

Mom: How the hell have you brought him here, inside my house? This is so...

Me: ...disgusting, I know....but I had no option mom. Remember what the woman with orange hair had said?

Mom: yea, I do remember. But do whatever you think is right after I leave.

Me: (teary-eyed) Why you going mom?

Mom: because if I don't go, my boss will throw me out of work. Good-bye.


It was the first time I was going to do something like this. I didn't know how to do it. But I had to, somehow....anyhow.So, I picked a fork...yes, a fork.
Mr.Eggerson had been quiet all the time. I wondered if he already had known what was going to happen.My heart was beating faster than ever. My hands were unstable. But I was determined. I went over to where Mr.Eggerson was.

Me: I'm sorry Mr.Eggerson.

I apologized on my part but I don't think he heard it. The fork had already made a hole. Fluid had begun pouring out.
I was relaxed, no more afraid. All that was left of him was this.

What happened to the rest of him, you ask?
Well........I did what the woman with orange hair had told me to.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

When I Smiled at the Mirror

When I was crying and I saw myself in the mirror,

I noticed that my eyes were sparkling,

A few tear drops adorned my cheeks,

And my nose was so red that it looked like a tomato.

I smiled

And then many a tear drops came streaming out of my eyes

They came to say

' Who are you trying to dupe by your smile, silly!'

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When Roads become Destinations

I found a place in the midst of nature

And it a made a place within me

[Lake Mirik, on way to Darjeeling, near Siliguri]

The hills echo the greatness of my nation

As the breeze hums it's song

[Way to Nathu La Pass:Indo-China Border]

Give me a life away from the crowd

where all those I know

Know me


The clouds move wildly around me

The stones stand unperturbed

The souls captivated by the fragrance of mist

[Dello park,Kalimgpong]

Put all the colours you can think of together

You'll get all those you could not have thought of

[Rumtek Monastery, near Gangtok]

There's a serenity in life

And there's a life in serenity
[Rumtek Monastery, nearGangtok]

My trip to Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Gangtok was more than fulfilling. The camera could not capture even a percent of its beauty and the excitement induced can neither be shown nor told, only experienced.


Saturday, September 06, 2008

Little Drops

Little Drops

Oh Shy little drops

Why do you refuse to face the world?

I know you might get neglected

I know you might be misunderstood

I know you might vanish into the Earth un-noticed

I know you fear the confused faces,

The staring eyes,

And the Whispering mouths

But please little drops

Don't stop yourself from tumbling out

Let yourself free

For if you don't, you'll become harder and harder

And harder, till you are stones

Heavy little stones

Piercing the walls of my heart