Saturday, July 28, 2007

I Wish...

I love to wake up early and watch the sun rising over the distant horizon. When I walk bare feet over the morning’s green grass, I feel its wetness slowly seeping into me. I adore the lovely rose, with crystal dewdrops over its scarlet petals till a voice calls out my name. I wonder if mumma used to sing when she was young. Her voice is so melodious, especially when she calls out my name. Maybe this is probably why she has named me so. Or did dad give me my name? I don’t care till I get to see them smile at me every morning. But the day they are mad at me, I call up my best friend. Life without him seems so difficult. His words, always full of consolation, never fail to soothe me. But will I get to hear his words forever? I wish I could. But he is not my only friend. I have other friends too for whom I pack my bag for college daily. They smile at me, talk to me, entertain me, fight with me, hug me, criticize me, praise me, encourage me and though they don’t say it often, I know they love me. Will I be able to see these smiling faces forever? I wish I could. Sometimes, strangers tell me the bus numbers, show me the proper ways and a few of them smile at me. It is then that I realize that the world is beautiful. But will this beauty be for me, forever? I let the sunset sun awe me with its redness. I see the night crawling into the sky, making it shift from a violet to a dark grey and then to the deepest of darkness. And as the stars take their places slowly and mysteriously, I realize that the words, the voices, the smiles and the beauty will remain. It is I who will not be there for them forever. After all, it is not for others that I was born. I wasn’t born to adore flowers- no, not the least to smile crazily at people. I wasn’t born to keep within me a thousand secrets just to make sure the voices keep sounding melodious and the faces keep looking pretty. A thousand questions toggle my mind now and then and fade away unanswered. I wasn’t born to let questions leave disappointed.

I am tired of wishing for things. I am tired of thinking that flowers bloom for me and the birds sing for me. The sunsets now ooze out of my veins, giving birth to the reddest of roses over my wrist while the warmth of relations evaporates leaving me shivering. And for the last time I wish for something. I wish that my soul be liberated.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Life in a Girl's Hostel

Girl’s hostel has often been a subject of curiosity for many, especially the boys. But there are certain facts about life in a girl’s hostel that are hidden from those living in the hassle-free atmosphere of their homes.

Today, I would tell you about five things you must pray that don’t happen to you if you are in a girl’s hostel.

1. Your room partner likes to dress up
If she loves to wear a variety of clothes, she’ll show you how close the two of you can be and how you two can share things without getting annoyed and then she’ll browse through your cupboard to find for herself your favourite dress to wear it to college.

2. Your dress looks better on her than it looks on you
She wears that green top too often because she got loads of compliments from people at college (including your boyfriend) and now when you wear it to college, people say ‘so, you wearing your room-mate’s top today, eh?’

3. Your room partner who likes to dress up is oversized
She wears your clothes, your stretchable pair of jeans, your expensive tight fitting top, your oh-so-glamorous pleated skirt and everything else she thinks will look sexy on her and when you put on your clothes, you don’t feel good in them because your tight fitting top isn’t tight fitting anymore and your skirt isn’t just staying there at the right place. Damn!

4. Another hosteller’s brother likes you
This is one of the worst things that can happen to you in hostel because then she’ll try to find out what you like and what you don’t and her brother will send you all that you like and if you still don’t show any interest in him, you’ll be getting all sorts of calls from all sorts of boys who actually are different names of one guy- your fellow hosteller’s brother. Maddening!

5. Your roommate is a kleptomaniac
This could be a huge problem because when you search for the expensive fragrance that you had bought in advance for your roommate’s birth day, you find it’s gone. And then you feel so stupid because all this time when you thought your roommate was wearing that fragrance, you thought you were just imagining things. Hell!

I will come up with more facts about girl’s hostel soon to give you a peek into the dark dark world of babes and bitches.