Friday, July 28, 2006

Look what I found!

Yesterday,while browsing through my old notebooks, I found this small,pale piece of paper.And what did it hold-one of my most ignored poems that I must have written long time back in a fit of emotions and then forgotten about it!
I think I ought to give this one it's share of publicity.So,here it goes......

Life's Best Days

Sunny days,pleasant nights,
Lovely smiles,tender sights,
Heavenly moments,beautiful times,
Of lullabies and nursery rhymes,
And of innocent words and ways,
Formed the life's best of days!

Clumsy workers,naughty mimics,
Bounded by no hours,no ticks,
Little hearts that swiftly pound,
Always stuck to the playground,
When shrink,as their holders grow,
Wonder where childish days did go!

Stormy nights,cloudy days,
Devilish smiles,fiendish ways,
Heavy moments,guilty times,
Of selfish deeds and petty crimes,
Make you wonder when you sit alone,
Where are the life's best days gone?

When dolls fail to give you joys,
And coins and greens replace your toys,
And there's no fun, no pranks, no play,
And all you do is work all day,
And no chocolates and hugs in turn,
You wonder why childhood should go and never return!

(smile)thank you

Thursday, July 20, 2006

No Interference Please

When I was small, I used to practice and sharpen my drawing and painting skills at the Art Gallery. When I would be drawing, people would gather around me and it felt like thousands of pairs of eyes were monitoring each and every movement of my hand. Some of the spectators would also give advices and some others would even try pointing out the mistakes. I would get very nervous then. My pencil would behave as if it were heavily lubricated. After all that effort I would put in to get the desired result, I would get something that would be far from sensible. And then, I would really wish that people had not interfered in my passion.

Sometimes when I am engrossed in a novel, I feel something strange. I either hear someone (or something, I wouldn’t be sure) breathing or hear some foot steps. Could it be a troubled soul? A ghost? Oh no, a dragon? I wonder. This scares the wits out of me. And then, the loud, unbearable words-‘What are you doing sis?” Whew! It’s just my brother. I get relaxed but I really wish my brother had not interfered in my leisure time.
Sometimes, when people try to peek into our lives and try to know about it out of their limits, we really wish they do not interfere in our lives.

When the politicians try to disrupt the equality of the nation through reservations and quotas, we wish they don’t interfere in the matters of the people.

When the peace of a society is broken by inhumane plans, everybody wishes no one had interfered in their city.

When the bloggers and the blog-hoppers see no point in sitting and staring at unyielding screens, they wish the government hadn’t interfered with their freedom to expression.

Conclusion: Interferences are never admired. Everybody wishes to live in a non-interfered world. And everybody must make it clear in the best possible way. So, while you think of ways to make your points clear, I am going to talk to my brother and tell him ‘Look, I don’t want you to interfere at all when I am reading because when you do, I get really (no, not scared) angry…..yes, very very angry.”