Sunday, August 05, 2007

Life in a Girl's Hostel (II)

I am thankful to my hostel life because it teaches me a lot of things I won’t be able to learn otherwise. Nothing else can give me practical on creating, handling and terminating problems. The moments spent in hostel are irreplaceable and unforgettable and today I talk about the five reasons as to ‘why I would miss my hostel life when I am no more a hosteller’.

Colouring Sprees

It’s a Sunday- a lucky one, when we don’t have too many assignments to finish. My roommates are turning in their beds, restless because they are not feeling sleepy but they don’t have anything else to do. I take out my colourbox (yes, I take my colourbox wherever I go because I love colouring), draw on a paper a big round sun with a pair of blue eyes, a little yellow nose and a smile. My roommate wonders what I am upto and looks at me rubbing the crayon vigorously over the paper. She sits up, takes out another paper and draws a big one-fourth moon with a pointed nose facing sideways. The third roommate starts cutting out stars out of a paper and colouring them red, green, yellow and all other colours she could find in my colourbox. In an hour or so, we have the whole celestial family and then we stuck them one by one on the walls of our room. And after that, all those who came to our room were left amazed at how beautiful our room looked!

Hunger strokes

We have to complete two Engineering Graphics & Drawing sheets and its twenty minutes past twelve. Staying up late completing EG&D sheets always makes us feel hungry. But we finished the last packet of biscuits this evening. Now what? Its time to decide who two will go to ask for something to eat from some hostellers who might be awake till this late. Such situations are embarrassing, but we’ll do anything to pacify our hunger and besides, it is fun making up a cute, pleading face worth pitying, standing at the door of some room with lights still on and saying “Please help us hungry kids”. I’ll never forget this because I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do this anywhere else except my hostel, sweet hostel!

Notes? Anytime!

Everybody is running up and down the corridors at two in the night. Event? Exams! Hostellers don’t need to make individual notes. ”You have the notes? Cool! Don’t lose them and after you are through with them, give me a missed call. I come over to take them.”

Please, give me a hug!

There is no particular time to cry. There is no particular time to let a friend help you get calm. But there are not too many places where your close friend is at a missed call’s distance. Whenever I am upset and need a friend to console me, I give her a missed call and if she returns it back, I know she’s awake and free and I can go over to her room and ask her for a warm hug, else, try another friend!

Can I have your pink dress?

Exchanging clothes might look like a nuisance sometimes, but it sure is fun. Besides, if you have the best of wardrobes in the hostel, you’ll know who goes where, when and with whom because they’ll come over to you, blush a little and say “I am going for a date today. Can I have your pink dress please?”

A very Happy Friendships Day to all the hostellers and to you!