Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The womb inside a Heart

I carried you within me.

Your womb rested slightly higher in my body and I'm sorry that it was a bit noisier, and it's walls contracted and expanded with the rhythm of the noise. I knew you could feel the beats slow down when I relaxed and you could make out my anxiety when the walls moved in and out faster. I knew that you would be this close to my heart even after you exit the womb.

I ate, slept, smiled and laughed against my will to keep myself alive so that I could feed you with my love. People tried hard to convince me to abort the thought of you. Their jibes increased day by day but with each passing day, you grew.

I fed you with love, and you grew.

People called me crazy and predicted mis-fate for you but I didn't let any of that seep into you because a man cannot conceive a child, but a woman can earn, and 'fatherless' means nothing.

And so I fed you with love, and you grew.

As the taunts grew, you grew.
As my determination grew, you grew.
An image of you in my mind grew.
A smile on the face in my mind grew.

And when you had grown enough to face the world I live in, I had grown stronger to bear all pain to be inflicted upon me by the World.

When I first saw you, I recognized that smile which had been growing inside a womb within my heart. I recognized you and from that recognition, you were born.
You were fed with love, and from that love you were born.
When a child is born, a mother is born.
When you were delivered from obscurity, I was delivered from all pain.

And this is why, my child, nobody under the sun has any right to call you 'adopted'.


simply me said...

lovely writeup!! i loved the way u expressed it :)

Anonymous said...

Nice outpouring of a mothers love!

Tanvi said...

simply me, sanjeevkmenon: Thank you for visiting my blog and liking the post :)

--Sunrise-- said...

This is beautiful! Does it come from personal experiences?

Tanvi said...

Sunrise, not from a personal experience, but from a personal decision to adopt a girl once I'm ready to get married....Thanks :)

Cardinal Ruby said...


TurbulentMind said...

Hi Tanvi! amazing post :) It's good to be back :)

Nikita said...

Awesome !!!!

Loved each word..your thoughts are so beautiful..i am sure ,you are a wonderful soul..

Tanvi said...

Cardinal Ruby, it's raw from my heart. Thanks :)

TurbulentMind, thanks. Your visit is always pleasant.

Nikita, thanks for the huge compliment.

Anonymous said...

I had visited your blog before, and as before I am really impressed.
Hats off to your determination to adopt a child...

P!yu said...

visited ur blog after long time n really felt nice to see it spreading the beauty of thoughts... loved it.. :)

How do we know said...


Tanvi said...

Stranger, Thanks :)

P!yu, I am glad you liked it. Thanks. Keep visiting :)

How do we know, welcome back to my scribble space :)
Thanks for the appreciation.

Risha Kalra said...

You describe it so damn well, Tanvi :)
Loved the lines,
As the taunts grew, you grew.
As my determination grew, you grew.
An image of you in my mind grew.
A smile on the face in my mind grew.
Simply heart tugging! :)

Love, Risha :)

Tanvi said...

Risha, Thanks for liking it...Keep Visiting :)


Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

Your methods of pouring out are simple yet so adorable! Love that :)

I'm your new follower :)

Visit my blog too :)