Friday, June 18, 2010

It's my turn

As I see my hands twitch and tremble while cleaning up my desk, I realize that feelings are funny things. 

They trick you into getting attached to stuff as silly, useless and of almost zero aesthetic value, as dried flower petals and torn wrapping papers taking up all of your drawer space. You know that nobody will use them for anything. You know that the next time you'll look at them will be when you decide to clean up your desk again. But you still think countless times before doing away with them.

No one is brave enough to defy feelings at one go. But technology's greatest gift to mankind is the amazing way to store stuff in a couple of bytes, without having it take your drawer space. 

And now, this stuff will have everything to do with memories and feelings and attachment but nothing to do with dilemma.

Feelings trick you too often to even think of beating their score. But at least you can gain more points by tricking them sometimes.

I finally convinced my feelings to let me send a few things to the bin. All I had to do was to trick my feelings into thinking that some space is to be made for better gifts to come ;)