Saturday, October 02, 2010

Big Boys Don't Cry

The pain...the unbearable pain.
Big boys don’t cry.

His mother thrashed him for stealing another boy’s electronic toy car. It was actually his brother who had been the thief but he loved him too much to see him getting scolded. He felt like crying but managed to keep his eyes from streaming.

The pain, consuming him bit by bit….the pain capturing his breath…..
Big boys don’t cry.

His beloved left him for his friend. All that she had wanted was his money. He had been duped…..robbed of wealth, and pride. All was lost. A tear was about to roll down his cheek. He rushed to the washroom, washed his face and pretended to be normal.
Big boys don’t cry.

The pain, strangling him….heavy…..heavy……so heavy within his chest. The pain…the piercing pain.

He put everything he had, to get his mother operated. He loved her more than anything else in the world. He held her hand in his and told her how happy he was to see her recover that fast. She smiled and her flesh turned cold. He felt his eyes water. He pulled out his handkerchief and moved it over his eyes to ensure they looked unaffected.
Big boys don’t cry.

The handkerchief is wet. Sweat. Sweat. So much of it.

He throws himself into his chair, his trembling hand reaching for the glass of water. It falls midway. A tear escapes his eyes. Another one. Yet another one.
A body……dead……and wet, with sweat, and with tears.

If only, big boys could cry.

(Sunday, December 17, 2006)