Thursday, March 09, 2006


His beauty pierces the blinding light and penetrates into my heart through my eyes.Some of it climbs upto my mind.And then i realise that its not beauty. Its deceit.I realise that God is not what we think he is. He is just the 'audience'.He sits back and pretends he runs the show.This show can run without audience, for what is a show for him is life for us.And someone ought to tell him he is not needed.So I take the charge.

"Mr. God ,(you ought to change your name.Many misconceptions associated with it!) we all respect you so much. We pray to you, we thank you and we love you. But why do we do this?You think you can have all the praises and prayers and then you can just sit there and watch us 'funny' people singing, dancing, struggling and crying?I object."

He stands there and smiles.

"We cry, you smile. We live, you smile. We kill, you smile. We cheat, you smile. We die,you smile. Is that what you are going to do forever? You still smile and I object."

As I object, he smiles.It irritates me and I try my best not to let my eyes stream.

" are the cause when you know you have the power to be the end of all miseries.Why don't you do anything? Why not punish the evil people? Why let the good ones go?I need an answer. I am waiting for one and you stand there silent. I object."

Finally, his expressions change and he speaks some words.
He is gone and the words still echo.
Everything gets dissolved. The words stand. The words haunt.
The words...........'Objection overruled!'


delhigal said...

This one was pretty cool. "Objection over-ruled", that was the best part.

How do we know said...

another age old dilemma.. as yet unresolved. :-)