Sunday, September 17, 2006

I Never Loved You

To tell you the truth, I never loved you
Because your lips weren't red & eyes weren't blue
I tried to avoid you in different ways
To save myself from seeing your face
'My friends would laugh’ was my fear
I felt embarrassed to find you near
But at the time when no one did care
To console me you were always there
When all was shattered & my life was a mess
You gave me love and happiness
What happened? Why couldn't you wait
for me to change or was it too late?
When I realized what a heartless life I had led
I found your body in front of me, dead!
Your lips weren't red & eyes weren’t blue
but you gave me love that was very true.'

(forgive the 15 year old 'me' for the flaws)


Axiomate said...

Ah ! I appreciate the 15 year old's flow of thought.

At one stage in our life's we experience true love but then we never accept it.Some great guy once said 'First love is an example of ignorance and one that you can never forget'.

Love is eternal and the rest time will tell..

Happy to know that your dear cookie likes me.

Prashant said...

This is amazing.....
Hats off........

How do we know said...

wow.. this is such a true thing to say.. r u really just 15 years old? :-)

Tanvi said...

axiomate,Thanks a lot.Am still trying to learn from you.

And what do they say about falling in love again, and again, and again only ending up with the realisation that it wasn't love afterall?

Cookie is glad that you are glad that she likes you. She still likes you :)

prashant,, *bows*

how do we know,I was some 15 years old some 3 years back and then is when I had written this poem.
I am much older and much sillier now :)
Thank You.

Pavan said...

beautiful is right word here...again and again and again, Well, thats our Tanvi for you!
-blessed blogging!

Shama & Diya said...

For a 15 year old, it's quite awesome.

Funny how often we regret things, hoping we had somehow done it differently and yet we make the same mistakes again.

ZaThinker said...

Thats unfortunately is sometimes where, how and when we learn the difference of Attraction, Infatuation and True Love.

True love is never shallow... the attachment to another person is never just Skin Deep.
It is the complete spiritual, mental and physical connectivity and attachment between to people that is true love. Anything less is and it can never be true love.

P!yu said...

so meaningful... so meaningful.... sooo true so true..

Ruchi Jain said...

Awesome, last lines superb...