Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Song

Counting every single breath,
Swinging between life and death,
She strived, a bit anxious and uncertain,
To get up and pull back the curtain
Of the window, she had been looking out of, for years,
The window that now brought her to tears
The time so short, the wait so long
She yearned to sing her life's last song
To the one who should have been standing tall
The one whom she wished to see most of all
The one who had stood by her throughout her life
Through every fest, through every strife,
And when he was nowhere to be seen,
She wondered where he could have been
For did he love her or did he not,
She needed to know in little time that she had got
The song of love, she wished to croon,
But either the wait, or life had to end too soon,
Silence was the only song she sang,
That broke when the doorbell rang
The flowers smelling sweet as ever,
The card that said 'love you,forever'
Had to be condensed to the farewell word
That echoed beneath the song, unheard.


How do we know said...

i loved the poem, and then fumbled at the ending.. what did it mean there?

Wriju said...

Hey tanvi, good one :-)

Kalpana said...

good one...

shruti said...

good composition...
love it!!!!

Pavan said...

Beautiful, is right word here!
you keep it high.

-blessed be!

Wolfsong said...

hey...nice poem! I can't write such deep poetry so I won't make any poetic comments! :)

Tanvi said...

how do we know,thank you for loving the poem, even when you 'fumbled at the ending'.

Wriju,Thank You very much.

Kalpana,Thanks a lot.

Shruti,Thank you.

Pavan,Thank You.

Wolfsong, you don't need to be writing 'deep' poetry to make 'deep' comments.
Calling it deep was deep enough.Thank You. :)

anup.777 said...

good one!!! ... but, the end gives me the impression that the girl is saying farewell to her love and this world ... and the confession of love from him is the one solace that she has ...

but, i'm known to have wierd interpretations ... so don't be angry at that ... coz' its a lovely poem yaar!!! :)

kaunquest said...

First time here. nice poem.. deep impact!:)

Tanvi said...

Anup.777,though not exactly what it was meant to be,the ending that you have thought of isn't weird either.Thank You.

Welcome to my writing space.
Thank You very much.

How do we know said...

Hey Tanvi.. its been a while??

Kalpana said...

What's up? No sign of posts...

Axiomate said...

Lovely ! thats the word !

nitya said...

really good!!!!

Tanvi said...

How do we know,Kalpana,I am short of time and ideas these days.I'll be back when I am a little more resourceful.

Axiomate,Nitya,Thank You very much. :)

Ajay said...

Absolutely beautiful. Good rhyme scheme and a good ending

Anonymous said...

it's a nice one....

Tanvi said...

Thnx :)