Monday, July 16, 2007

Life in a Girl's Hostel

Girl’s hostel has often been a subject of curiosity for many, especially the boys. But there are certain facts about life in a girl’s hostel that are hidden from those living in the hassle-free atmosphere of their homes.

Today, I would tell you about five things you must pray that don’t happen to you if you are in a girl’s hostel.

1. Your room partner likes to dress up
If she loves to wear a variety of clothes, she’ll show you how close the two of you can be and how you two can share things without getting annoyed and then she’ll browse through your cupboard to find for herself your favourite dress to wear it to college.

2. Your dress looks better on her than it looks on you
She wears that green top too often because she got loads of compliments from people at college (including your boyfriend) and now when you wear it to college, people say ‘so, you wearing your room-mate’s top today, eh?’

3. Your room partner who likes to dress up is oversized
She wears your clothes, your stretchable pair of jeans, your expensive tight fitting top, your oh-so-glamorous pleated skirt and everything else she thinks will look sexy on her and when you put on your clothes, you don’t feel good in them because your tight fitting top isn’t tight fitting anymore and your skirt isn’t just staying there at the right place. Damn!

4. Another hosteller’s brother likes you
This is one of the worst things that can happen to you in hostel because then she’ll try to find out what you like and what you don’t and her brother will send you all that you like and if you still don’t show any interest in him, you’ll be getting all sorts of calls from all sorts of boys who actually are different names of one guy- your fellow hosteller’s brother. Maddening!

5. Your roommate is a kleptomaniac
This could be a huge problem because when you search for the expensive fragrance that you had bought in advance for your roommate’s birth day, you find it’s gone. And then you feel so stupid because all this time when you thought your roommate was wearing that fragrance, you thought you were just imagining things. Hell!

I will come up with more facts about girl’s hostel soon to give you a peek into the dark dark world of babes and bitches.


Anju said...

hey...long time!! I didn't know you still checked my blog!! I'm flattered. Let me link to yours too. Nice one about hostels...I never lived in one. I stayed in student dorms once but had my own room.

StandbyMind said...

Great things told..enlightning..
so how many brothers of gals like u?

Ashish Dixit said...


it was nice reading your blog...

hey but samthing is also applicable for boyshostel too...

Falcon said...

good sum up......

what goes in the girls hostel.

since i have not been in hostel..
i suppose ur life very much depands upon ur room mates...


can u continueeeeeeeee.......

it little bit..

a good reading......

Jeya Anand said...

Cool!! life in a hostel is an exciting experience...a must for all teenagers!! i love it!!

Vik said...

LOL strange but true regardless of whether it is a Girl's hostel or a boys hostel. I guess everything you just wrote is the basic nightmare for any plausible roommate situation.

OH btw, looking forward to more secrets .. Hehehehe..

Nice blog ..

Shruti said...

Hi Dear,
Your post reminded me of my days in Hostel..
That silly fights and exchanging clothes..
It all gine now..Nice to read it here and remembering all those small things..

will keep visiting..

Take care

How do we know said...

Umm.. i have never lived in a hostel with room mates. Thankfully, they gave us individual rooms, but the things u mention here are quite funny.. and also true :-(

Praveen said...

Nice interesting stuff, i bet i dint know some of them :)

CM-Chap said...

Ha Ha fabulous

Tanvi said...

Anju,I have always checked your blog and will never quit doing that, I promise. :)
Living alone is another thing and living in a hostel another.

Standbymind,I am glad I could enlighten you about somethings.
As far as brothers of gals liking me are concerned, rakshabandhan aint far ;)

Ashish Dixit,thnx.....for liking my blog and telling me the story of boys hostel in single sentence.

Falcon,you are right.Our lives depend a lot on our roommates because in a hostel,they are our family.
Your wish has been granted.....there's a new post on life in girl's hostel

Jeya Anand,yes it is.I love it too!

Vik,I cannot call whatever I wrote a nightmare.......coz I have been living it. Calling it a nightmare will only make situations seem worse.

Shruti,nice to know that you have been through hostel life and enjoyed it too.
You are always welcome to my place.Thanks.

How do we know,I don't know if you should be all that grateful for not having lived with roommates.It is tough but it's fun too!

Praveen,thanks.I am happy I could increase your knowledge over such an important topic as life in a girl's hostel!


Aditya said...