Sunday, December 21, 2008

I want to be with you, forever

My heart is loyal to you
My soul is your disciple
I shall keep you safe within me, forever.

But the world is hungry for control.
They'll try to gain control over me.

My soul is immortal
My heart is strong
But my body...
My body, I fear, shall yield to the meaningless terms of the 'society'.

I don't know what they'll demand of me. I don't know if they'll ever understand.
I don't know if they'll think of us as ignorant to have loved or they'll not even believe that we 'love' each other.

Still, I keep hope that one day I, with my heart, soul and body, shall be in your embrace.
But I constantly fear that from the cocoon of my dreams, the reality that I want to see will never emerge.
This fear overpowers the relief of being in your comforting arms.
Every time you touch, I wish its not the last time.
Every time we talk, I want to stay quiet and let you speak so that I hear every word that exists in your voice. This might be the last time we talked and thereafter, every word that I read or hear or think, I want to think in your voice.
Every time you assure me that we'll always be together, I pray that you are always there to give me assurance.
Every moment we live together, I fear, could be the last moment spent with you.
Every happy moment makes me cry.
This fear haunts me, day and night.

Why Oh why did it have to be that we are within two bodies


How do we know said...

u'll like Amrita Pritam. go read her.

ZaThinker said...
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ZaThinker said...

Well just lets hope that you listen to your soul... and not yield to the meaningless terms of the 'Society'... Then your wish of wanting to stay with your soulmate forever will come true...