Monday, April 05, 2010


In the process of trying to make tough days (unsuccessfully) better, I prepared a battlefield for my self and my conscience. My desperation to overcome the negativity that has been hovering over my mind for a few days has led me to being guilty of:

1)  Having too much happy food - ice cream, chocolates and soda (read loads of calories)
2)  Not having studied a damned single word for my ongoing exams
3)  Reading 'The winner stands alone' by Paulo Coelho, instead
4)  Moving my blog stuff from my previous address to this new one on the day just before my first sessional exam, while my course books rest in peace inside a wooden table
5)  Writing this post, and still not giving books a thought
6)  Pretending to be guilty when I'm actually amazingly relaxed

"Guilt is the price we pay willingly for doing what we are going to do anyway"  -Isabelle Holland


Raj said...


sessionals? thats the best time to read novels, write posts, watch movies, listen to music, anything other than the regular technical bullshit in those big fat bound books seems like the best thing to do :)

Tanvi said...

Better things to do, definitely....Just wish the devil hadn't trained parents, lecturers, professors to keep a check on healthy activities and force upon us the devastating act of stu'dying' :)

Raj said...

lol! nahin nahin, dey make it more fun. its like the cops in nfs most wanted!

u know what nfs is ryt?

talking of adam, he, is something like me, so its more like what happens in my life happens in his.
so u c none of us can just be a guy :)

Tanvi said...

I guess you are right, and I know what NFS is (wish there were separate versions for females, where hunks would wave the flags for us)

Or maybe....Adam is only a typical guy. Things happen to him and he can't help any of them ;)

addicto said...

pretty good & its a fact we usually feel guilty about the times when we were really happy....why so??????? :(
really loved it...keep on :)