Friday, July 28, 2006

Look what I found!

Yesterday,while browsing through my old notebooks, I found this small,pale piece of paper.And what did it hold-one of my most ignored poems that I must have written long time back in a fit of emotions and then forgotten about it!
I think I ought to give this one it's share of publicity.So,here it goes......

Life's Best Days

Sunny days,pleasant nights,
Lovely smiles,tender sights,
Heavenly moments,beautiful times,
Of lullabies and nursery rhymes,
And of innocent words and ways,
Formed the life's best of days!

Clumsy workers,naughty mimics,
Bounded by no hours,no ticks,
Little hearts that swiftly pound,
Always stuck to the playground,
When shrink,as their holders grow,
Wonder where childish days did go!

Stormy nights,cloudy days,
Devilish smiles,fiendish ways,
Heavy moments,guilty times,
Of selfish deeds and petty crimes,
Make you wonder when you sit alone,
Where are the life's best days gone?

When dolls fail to give you joys,
And coins and greens replace your toys,
And there's no fun, no pranks, no play,
And all you do is work all day,
And no chocolates and hugs in turn,
You wonder why childhood should go and never return!

(smile)thank you


Starship Enterprise said...

hmm...reminds me of the times when i sift through old baby pictures and spray painted greeting cards I made as a kid!

And thanks for stopping by at my blog..Keep dropping in..:)

vishal anand said...

I am the guy who wrote that "very very very mean post " about new age girls ... I think you should visit my blog again and check out the comments box wherein i have put up a Clarification for ppl like u who misunderstood wat i was trying to say.... I also replied to UR comment..
Anyways ... yup childhood was fun ....most of it due to the innocence of the age and da fact that life was simple , friends were truer and dere were fewer things to worry about.. But Youth has its own share of fun which i think you must have been dicovering or already discovered... All da best for eveything in your life.
keep visiting ...

Dawn....सेहर said...

yes it often happens ...we forget in the pace with which we are going...this could be a slope moment when you might have thought those which you wrote n cherished it in this way :)
Amazingly written

vishal anand said...

I just replied to ur comments on my blog ....Just check that out..
I also posted a comment on " If the world were a temple" post..check that out too

Tanvi said...

starship,it's good to know that your baby pictures interest you(I don't find 'baby me' any worth it)

Dawn,perhaps childhood still dominated my life when I wrote this.Hence, the 'you' used in the poem.Thank You.

Vishal,I still have a lot to discover and I guess I am loving the process.Thanks.

vishal anand said...

hey just put that JOHN foto
check it out .....and also replied to ur comment...
Keep writing ,Keep visiting And Keep jiving

Axiomate said...

When exactly did you right this ? It has a certain level of innocense..nice,liked it.

Shama & Diya said...

This proves it - you are a natural born poet! That was soo beautiful...I miss being a child:(

Sudarshan said...

Going through old notebooks, photo albums etc brings back such great memories!!!

I have a lot of stuff from my earlier days which I've carefully preserved: it brings a smile to my face when I go through it!!!

Looks like we have a talented poet out here..I'm impressed:-)

Nice blog..keep up the good work!!

shraddha said...

nice one!!

Pavan said...

great stuff, as always!
Blessed writing!

nityac said...

hey tanvi... jus wanted to tellu dat my blog id has changed... u can accept my blogs at

Tanvi said...

Vishal, thanks a bunch.That's one real cool photo you have put there!

axiomate,you are right.I wrote it when I was innocent(probably some two and a half years back).But I still am innocent.Thanks.

Shama, just learning.
Most of us miss the best days of our lives and most certainly,so do you.
Thank You.

sudarshan,Thank You for visiting my blog and getting impressed this easily.


pavan,thanks a millions.

nitya,noted.Thank You.

Gaya said...

ya it is a cool thing....
it made me to go to my past....
Where i remembered loads & loads of fun & enjoyment that i had in my life....
I wish i could go back, anyways thats not gonna happen....
Well hope & its a wish by God for all kids to enjoy there maximum when they rae kids(guess so...)...
Go on write more....
All the best for a bright future....
With love...

Tanvi said...

Gaya,you are right.Not all have fond memories associated with their childhood.We are lucky in this regard.And we all hope every child gets to enjoy the best time of life.
Btw thanks a bunch for sharing your opinion.