Monday, March 05, 2007

I regret not giving time to updating my blog and going through other blogs.To make up for this here's another poem form my collection.

Part I-The Rosy Night

Tonight when I can’t sleep
I stand beneath the rosy sky
My heart beats to the tune of the clocks
Amidst the fragrant winds,
I am ready to fly

Silence makes the sweetest song
When love overpowers me
This place of peace, this heaven of joy
Is where I forever want to be

The sky, the stars and the moon
Get brilliant as the night warms
And this night, when I am with my love,
Go away slumber, don’t take me in my arms

Part II-The Noisy Night

Tonight when I can’t sleep
I stand beneath the darkest sky
The sky roars, the crickets scream
The noise of the night makes me cry

Silence makes the deadliest noise
When sorrow overpowers me
This night of tears, this time of grief
Is what I never wished to see

The sky, the stars and the moon
Have now lost all their charms
And this night, when my love is gone,
Come slumber, take me, forever, in your arms


Prashant said...

For part 1
For Part 2

Good compo...

Titash Roy said...

Well written..seems to be close to the train on my thoughts!

dc said...

Nicely written down stuff...this shows how with similar kinda lines different emotions can be shown...nice nice...!

ankurindia said...

nice blog

Wolfsong said...

heeyyy! you have a link to mine on yours!! I'm so honoured! :D I'll add yours too! But tll you what: check my blog either late tonight or tomorrow. I have an important message! :p

Wriju said...

Its beautiful :)

Tanvi said...

Prashant,titash,dc,ankur,Wriju: Thanks :)

Wolfsong: Having link to your space is entirely my pleasure.Thanks.

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Shama said...

I connected with both Part I and Part II. Love it!!! Mind me if I quote this poem in my poetry blog?

ZaThinker said...