Friday, January 29, 2010

Leave me the shadow



Free me
Of the countless gazes,
That make my life
A maze of mazes

I need an existence
That is opaque, obscure
And yet a life that is
Transparent and pure

No one to ask
Where and how I've been
So that I can glide through the lanes
Unnoticed, unseen

No complaints, no expectations,
No praises, no worth
I want to be a flowing
Dark patch on the Earth

You'll walk all over me
But it'll cause me no pain
Your efforts to hurt me
Will all go in vain

Move the weight of visibility
 Off my chest
Leave me the shadow
And take the rest.


Raj said...

thats lovely. maybe its just my state of mind, but i felt, everything just blended...the dark patch part, abt being opaque and pure. all dat n the painlessness. thanks 4 finding me. :)

Junius said...


How do we know said...

wow!!! this is easily among the best pieces i have ever seen on ur blog.. u have grown.. and how!!!

Tanvi said...

Raj,coincidence, isn't it! :)
And finding you has entirely been my pleasure

Junius, thank you

How do we know, thanks. I'm a big girl now :D

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, I feel like your heart