Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fourteenth Of February

She wiped off her smudged mascara, daubed her cheeks with rouge, stepped into her red stilletos, picked up her Gucci bag, stepped out of her house and smiled.
When the fourteenth of February is Valentine's Day for the World, she might as well celebrate it as her Independence Day.


Raj said...

sweet. :P
now thats what i call living your way.

Shailendra said...

Nice one :P

Dawn....सेहर said...

Nice way of expression in few words - amazing!
Yes I knew a few who got independence on that day!

Keep up the good work

Tanvi said...

Raj, Shailendra and Dawn, Thanks :)

sridharan said...

Its an amazing experience of going out on valentine day,the spirits are so bright and wen u write,the words are so right.u spread cheer without any fear and i can say proudly and loudly
that u rock and keep rocking for all of us

Tanvi said...

Sridharan, ahem ahem.....if you wanted your comment to be as good as my post, well....I must congratulate you :)