Monday, May 03, 2010

The Doll in the Glass

You see me, you smile at me.You look at me like I'm adorable.

You want to talk to me. I talk to you. You like talking to me. I like talking to you.

You feel happy when you see me. You think I'm cute, charming and nice.

I like making you feel happy. Your smile means a lot to me. It means, I'm worth your attention. It means, I'm no longer alone.

But I can't always make you happy; Not when you start expecting more. 

I can't simply let you penetrate into my world, because for that something must be broken.

It isn't a hard something - only a glass wall. It is easy for you to break.

What is difficult, is the decision.

You either break the wall to get what you desire, or you don't, to save me from the shattered pieces of glass piercing my skin, my body, my heart.

You can just adore my flawless beauty from a distance, or you can be near me and feel my ugly scars.

The choice is yours.

I'm just a doll in a glass waiting for your decision. Any decision will do.

But once again, I waited in vain. There are dolls that offer better options, I guess. 


- The Virgin Author! said...

Sexily written. Loved reading it. Read. Read. Reading it again! :)

Priyanka said...

loved it it many swetly you have described a girl's emotions through a doll...a doll in glass who can't even speak...expressed a touching issue...

Raj said...

metaphorical abstinence of love? feelings? fear?

sweetly written like on rice

Dawn said...

Very well written...seems like as the feeling was coming in it was jotted along the way..
keep up the writing..

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

my first time here

Superb !!

You expressed the real emotions most girls feel on the brink of love, or after a time of being in love ...

Great going girl !

~ Hope your heart never breaks. And if does, not more than what you can bear

Uncensored Raj said...

But once again, I waited in vain. There are dolls that offer better options, I guess.
i think the post was great but this line reflects what is called the desire of being accepted....
simply great landed on your post for d fst tym ....hop to see more of u..

Tanvi said...

The Virgin Author, thanks dude.

Priyanka, thnks for loving it :)

Raj, abstinence, yes....but unintentional. You can't help being abstinent at times.

Dawn, you actually guessed that! yes, I wrote as the feelings came

Deepa, welcome to my scribble place :)
That wish means a lot to me, really.

Uncensored Raj,who doesn't want acceptance?
Welcome to my place. Keep visiting :)

TurbulentMind said...

Really liked it..will watch out for more :)

Tanvi said...

TurbulentMind, thnx

inquisitive-life said...

The Flow of Expressions is Brilliant. And this line has taken the edge:

'But I can't always make you happy; Not when you start expecting more.'

Keep Writing...


Tanvi said...

Inquisitive-life, thnx :)

Prisoner of thoughts said...

nahi samajh mein aaya

Tanvi said...

awwww.......a doll that is not perfect and that cannot be touched, cannot be played with does not interest many and the doll is sad about it

Prisoner of thoughts said...

No one is perfect and the case applies to this doll as well, and I am sure that someone must have touched the feelings of the doll and doll has drafted some very good ones, and not everything appeals to everyone. So don;t have to feel about it. Doesn't really matter.

Shivakant Tiwari said...

really nice blog and really worth to read it , tremendous feelings and sensitivity
i do write but this is far beyond many appreciations to you

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

AWW.Cho cute!! I loved all the description.Felt like going back to our I'm-a-barbie-girl-times!! :)

Elizabeth said...

Тhe chosen picture is unique and so expressive as well. Perfect!