Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Presence

There was something very different about this hotel. She felt that there was something special about that moment. She always sensed his presence.

She breathed carefully, savoring the air that must have run through his body before it entered hers. She wanted him to be so close to him that even air knows no escape.

She looked at the painting on the wall. It had definitely been admired by a pair of wide, curious eyes. She felt like gazing into those eyes and find her world inside them.

As she pushed the door open, she knew he must have went through the same door, touched the same knob. She could feel his hands pressing hers over the knob, while he smelt the scent of her hair.

As she walked past a display glass showcasing jewellery, a pendant caught her attention. He must have noticed it, asked for its cost and ordered it. She could feel him holding her from behind, bringing his hands up from her waist to her neck, placing the pendant there, shifting her hair to one side, and tying the neckpiece.

She walked over to the bar and took a seat. She breathed heavy now. Her heart paced faster. He was near. She could feel it. She trembled. She was out of her mind, and her heart was out of her. She could take it no longer.

"Excuse me madam, but this pendant needs you to embellish it by placing it over your neck."

It was him, so near, right behind her. She felt as if she was dead.

Only she knew how tough it was for her but she managed to turn around and look at him.

"Listen, your presence alone is intolerable to me, you get it?", she said sternly and walked away immediately.

"Literally!", she sighed beneath her breath, as she still tried to bring her heartbeat under control.

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